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Expanding Restaurant Brand

At Verticals Consulting, we enhanced Gunpowder's online presence, refining their website to attract and convert more diners. Our efforts in optimising the site and streamlining their marketing spend not only improved the user experience but also significantly boosted their online booking rates.

The Project Summary

Our collaboration with Gunpowder centered on harnessing the power of data analytics to optimise their online campaigns. By diving deep into customer interaction data—analysing patterns in impressions, clicks, and user engagement—we gained invaluable insights into customer behaviors and preferences.

This data-driven approach allowed us to refine Gunpowder’s digital marketing strategies, ensuring every campaign was targeted and effective.

Service Description
User Experience
Reviewing the behaviours of users through specialist tools and optimising traffic flow towards key business message and bookings.
Website Enhancement
Taking their existing website and applying improved UI - from 8 clicks to 3 clicks to reduce user friction.
Digital Marketing
SEO Optimisation and Submission to over 50 platforms.
Data Analytics
Ensuring that all the necessary trackers and software integrations speak with one another for seamless business management
Enhanced UX

We tookover the management of the website and started implementing tools to monitor customer and traffic data.

From this, we understood and undertook works to optimise the user journeys.

Better experiences lead to more conversions in getting bookings and enquiries.

Google Ads

Our work on their Google Ads was pivotal. We refined their keywords and ad copy to truly reflect their unique Indian cuisine, ensuring ads reached the ideal audience. Optimising both ads and landing pages led to a smoother customer journey, enhancing click-through and conversion rates.

Continuous monitoring and tweaking of the campaign bolstered their online visibility and significantly increased reservations, mirroring Gunpowder’s dynamic presence in London’s dining scene.

Data Analytics

In our work with Gunpowder Restaurants, we leveraged data analytics and tools like Google Search Console to gain deep insights into user behaviour. By analysing user interactions and search patterns, we identified the most effective audience segments.

This research informed our strategies, leading to refined targeting that significantly improved website traffic and audience engagement, perfectly aligning with Gunpowder’s target market.

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